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MeadowLark Montessori in Brighton, Colorado is a private country day school in a rural setting serving preschool and kindergarten children ages 2.5 through the age of 9.


It is open from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and offers educational programs year-round. Its purpose is to create a community of parents, children and teachers who work together to develop their potential through the educational principals of Dr. Maria Montessori.

We provide student-centered education that cultivates internal motivation, independent thinking and problem solving, a strong academic foundation, excitement for lifelong learning, and a sense of responsibility and community. The school is founded and guided by certified teachers with decades of experience in Montessori and early childhood education.

Our program promotes engaged learners through a rich, inviting classroom environment prepared by caring and dedicated teachers. Instructors observe their students, identify their individual abilities and needs, and facilitate their learning process at a developmentally appropriate pace. Cooperative learning through peer teaching and social interaction is encouraged. Investigation of the natural world stimulates a child’s curiosity, and learning opportunities are provided through physical activity and outdoor work as well as indoor study.

The curriculum includes Practical Life (activities such as preparing food, woodworking, polishing silver or shoes, sewing, and instruction in character education and manners), Geometry, Math, Science, Language Arts and Phonics, Foreign Language, Cultural and Social Sciences (such as History and Geography), Physical Education, Art and Music Education. For specific units of study taught at MeadowLark Montessori School, please refer to the "Preschool", "Kindergarten" and "Elementary" pages.

Environmental awareness is emphasized. Students learn about the importance of ecosystems and habitat by observing and caring for a variety of classroom pets (mammals, amphibians, birds). They also plant and harvest their own gardens. The school promotes earth-friendly practices such as recycling, composting and conservation of resources.

Each child establishes his or her own sense of belonging within the school community by recognizing and valuing one’s own abilities and contributions as well as that of others. Children explore different perspectives, exchange ideas and learn respect for individual and cultural differences. In our classroom environment, children develop confidence based on a positive sense of self and seek cooperative approaches to planning and problem solving.

We hope you can visit us soon. 

Our address is: 15161 Shadow Wood Street  Brighton, CO 80603  MapQuest Map

Our phone number is: 303-637-7556


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